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An inspirational and dynamic story which takes place on five continents. The book is written in the traditions of magical realism, breaking the sense of time and mystical elements are woven into the picture of the world.

Features: adventure, esoterics, mystic, humanism. For those who are not afraid to dream.

The book currently is available only in Russian. It has published on 01.05.2018. We are making efforts to translate it to English and Spanish asap.

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Victor Gin traveler in Antarctica

At the age of 30 I got divorced. My organized life has collapsed. So I took the backpack and went for a new dream. This journey begins on December 31, 2013.
There are already 5 continents and above 30 countries behind. I got from Russia to Antarctica without flights. Used to live in the jungle. Overcame the Sahara and 11 countries in Africa. Navigated across the ocean. Crossed South America twice. Took part in the Antarctic expedition.

Writing of the book took 2 years - an exciting experience of traveling into the magical world where you live, feel and change.

It's simple. Live the Dream!

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   Relationships are like a beautiful butterfly flying into the soul. It makes me really rich person. Not material things that only accumulate weight in the backpack, but my free heart full of flying butterflies.   Read the interview

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